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Anchoring and Docking

 Choosing The Right Anchor Size And Weight.


 Anchors keep boats free from rocks, surf, and hold a temporary position.  As the boat pulls on the anchor it generates resistance by digging into the seafloor.  When the seafloor is rocky the anchor can't dig in, rather sticking to a protruding rock.  Anchoring to a rocky seafloor can be difficult, using a heavier weighted anchor can help achieve a proper seat.  Professionally spliced dock lines in a double braid, three-strand, and 12 strand lines in multiple diameter and lengths.  Find solutions for all your docking needs.  Dock Boxes, Lock tools, and supplies in a durable and strong dock box!  Dock Cart & Wagon, boat hooks & mounts either fixed or telescoping!  Dock Hardware, cleats of all shape and sizes, rub rail keeps your boat free from gouges and scrapes.


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