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Exhaust Parts

Maintenance Parts For A Wet Or Dry Exhaust System.


Exhaust systems keep your engine running and performing smoothly,  often underappreciated by many boat owners. If the exhaust system fails the bilge could potentially be full of water. The marine industry has two different types of exhaust systems, wet and dry. A wet exhaust system is popular safe and is still in use today. A wet exhaust system provides a variety of benefits, a flexible hose that won’t corrode, a system that doesn’t need a lot of space, fewer heat issues with exhaust runs. With a dry exhaust system, there is no seawater pump to maintain or fail, no seawater strainer to maintain or clog, but has a complex design and construction which is usually designed for larger commercial vessels. ProPride marine stocks and ships the same day, talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff about replacement parts for your exhaust system.


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